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Thanks for visiting our site. We hope you enjoy our premier product, North Dakota Sweet Crude. Using our family recipe and the skills of a master distiller, we have been able to create a premium liqueur that retains the unrefined spirit of the original. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.

— The Weidner Brothers

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In a town as small as Zap, ND, there are no strangers, and there’s always a reason to celebrate. 100 years ago, these occasions were toasted with Martin Weidner’s “smokehouse moonshine” – a crude spirit that mixed well with the rugged nature of North Dakotans.

Old man Weidner passed his recipe on to his children, who shared it with theirs. Generations of Weidners have added their polish, but left the liquor unrefined (as a good hooch should be). In recent years, the Weidner brothers were known to share it with the farmers who invite them to hunt their land, keeping on the tradition of toasting with friends and neighbors.

Now, the Weidner brothers are proud to share it with you. Enjoy it straight or on the rocks, but always in good company.



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